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About Us

“We at Ablesun Plastics Ltd are committed to recycling as much post-consumer plastic as possible. Our aim is to work with communities, local businesses and government to offer effective environmental solutions.”

Starting off Motivated by their concern for greener and healthier communities, Anthony and Bonnie Chan of Ablesun Plastics Ltd, opened a thermoplastic recycling operation in 2003 located in Surrey, B.C. Their recycling operation buys scrap plastic and recycles it to be used in other products. When post-consumer plastics are clean and free of debris, such as paper and glue, these thermoplastics can be reused over and over again.

Our next step In January 2011, with solid knowledge and experience previously gained in the plastic injection moulding industry, Anthony and Bonnie purchased a plastic film manufacturing facility in Delta, B.C. Their goal is to help clean up the environment by buying recyclable plastics. With their new facility in place, they now have the ability to process literally tons, of post-consumer plastics into new products.

Mike Barden heads up the team as Manufacturing Plant Manager. As an industry specialist with 28 years experience, his wide range of knowledge and expertise keeps our team in peak condition.

We can all help A significant amount of recyclable plastic has been printed on, which off-colors the plastic during the recycling process. While not suitable for some products, this off-coloured material can be turned into black plastic such as that used for garbage bags.

We, at Ablesun Plastics Ltd, encourage our customers to join our “greener communities” efforts and add Renatura™, a biodegradable additive, to these products to ensure effective breakdown if littered or sent to landfill sites. By removing stickers and paper as well as cleaning plastic before returning it, we can all work together to reduce plastic waste so it can be recycled and reused!

We are also working toward providing public plastic drop-off sites, for easy consumer awareness and access.